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Today is February 14th,Valentine’s Day, a largely manufactured holiday leading to massive financial benefits for the card, flower, candy, and restaurant industries. Every man and woman in a relationship, or most, feel the pressures of making sure gifts and sentiments of love are exchanged. Attorneys are no different. We have all heard countless lawyer jokes such as, “What do you call 50 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? A good start.” These jokes likely flow from the perception that attorneys are cold, cut throat, heartless people. Some are. However, some of us still have hearts. Though our blog is generally devoted to legal issues revolving around custody or divorce in Denver, I will devote this posting to Valentine’s Day, with the call to all readers to stay together, if you can.

Over the years, I have seen countless people who come to the Denver family law attorneys at Plog & Stein at the end of their relationships. I often ponder why those relationships are ending? I also often ponder gathering statistical data on the subject for purposes of determining just what leads people to divorce. In reality, I am too busy to undertake such an endeavor. From a non-scientific standpoint, I have resolved that beyond cheating, financial issues, selfishness, or the the more tragic reasons such as domestic or substance abuse, most people split up because they just simply grow apart.

Going back to Valentine’s Day, the manufactured holiday is all based on love. Every card or box of candy has a heart on it, the universal symbol of love and affection. Though it may sound sappy or romantic, I have deduced that the love once known in a relationship slips away, and the rest flows from there. Practicing Colorado divorce law takes a certain stomach. All day, an attorney is faced with sad stories of break-ups, financial strife, and people just plain treating each other badly. One benefit that flows from these observations is that I have learned what-not-to-do in a relationshp. By this I mean that I see all kinds of examples of behaviors that can lead to divorce. I then strive to do the opposite.

By all means, if there is infidelity, domestic violence, cruelty, child abuse, insurmountable substance abuse, or intentional/foolish financial mismanagement to the point of ruin for your children, there is no reason to stay together. Absent those things, there is always the opportunity to try. The institution of marriage is not just some light agreement entered into by two people for convenience, or based on a whim. Marriage is a commitment and the cliche vow goes, “til death do us part.” People seem to have forgotten this ending. When things get a little rough, or something else catches their eye, too many people view divorce as the first option. We are not in junior high, changing boyfriends or girlfriends every other week. Marriage is supposed to be for life. I believe that each of us, internally, has the strength and fortitude to try. It may not be easy. The road may get rough. But in the end, if you make that commitment to your marriage, you won’t have to come see us.
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Denver divorce attorneys love movies, too. Unfortunately, this one has not seen as many movies lately as he would like. What was supposed to be a monthly movie review has sadly now turned into a quarterly review. Nonetheless, I will continue to strive to provide my input as to the cinematic masterpieces currently available for viewing:

1. Fast Five: staring Paul Walker, Vin Deisel, the Rock, and various other original actors. Fast Five is the fifth installment of the Fast and the Furious movie franchise. Though sequels can often leave the viewer questioning why another movie was made, this one is actually worth seeing. Set in Rio, Brazil, the movie finds the former cop and the criminal on the run in South America, being chased by US Marshall, the Rock. The right amount of action, violence, explosions, car chases, and picturesque Rio makes this movie worth seeing. May sound juvenile and might not be for everyone. If it entertains for 2 hours, a movie has done its job. This one does the job. Evidently, many others around the world think so as well, as the movie is now in the top 100 all time box office grossing films.

2. Rio: Starring a bunch of cartoon animals and people, including the whiny kid from the Social Network and Zombie Land. The right amount of action, violence, explosions, car chases, and picturesque Rio to make the movie worth seeing. Sound redundant? You could mix and match scenes and characters from this and Fast Five and still end up with two good movies. Great adventure following the mishaps of an American raised blue parrot who is taken to, and kinapped in, Rio. He cannot fly, but ultimately learns and saves the day. Great for 3 year olds and a 40 year old. 3D.

3. Pirates of the Caribbean-On Stranger Tides. Captain Jack Sparrow, the craziest pirate this side of somewhere, searches for the fountain of youth. Starring Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz, the world’s favorite pirate captains Black Beard’s ship in race with the British and the Spanish to find eternal youth. Penelope Cruz does a good job replacing Kiera Knightly as the main female character. The mermaids are definitely not Ariel. Good for the whole family, over 7. Can they make a 5th? We will see.

Video Rental: Just Go With It. Starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. Though I generally do not watch Jennifer Aniston movies, unless forced to do so by a certain lady I know and love, this movie was OK. There was enough crude Adam Sandler humor for me and enough girly romance for the ladies. Aniston is a divorced mother quietly in love with Sandler. Sandler is a rich plastic surgeon unsure of who he loves. My favorite part of the movie was the setting, the Grand Wailea resort in Maui, Hawaii. It was nice to see one of my vacation haunts on the big screen. Not Sandler’s best, but it did the job on Tuesday movie night.

At Plog & Stein, we can’t spend all of our time dealing with divorce and custody issues in Denver. Movies are an escape. If you need escape from your divorce case, see a movie, or call us to get it done.

As I endeavor to become an avid blog writer, I will, from time to time, deviate from the topics of divorce, custody, or other legal issues in the Denver Colorado area. Readers need lighter fare from time to time. As a movie lover, I will strive to give a monthly movie review. Here we go:

1. Limitless: starring Bradley Cooper (the Hangover) and Robert DeNiro. Good intellectual movie, with enough action to make it entertaining for all. Gives one something to think about in terms of whether there was a magic pill to make us all super intelligent. Definitely worth seeing, and I will give it 4 out of 5 judges’ gavels.

2. Gnomeo and Juliet: starring various actors lending their voices to computer generated gnomes. Based on the Shakespeare classic, Romeo and Juliet. Though I don’t care for William’s work, this movie was wonderful for my children and entertaining enough for me to not fall asleep. Again, definitely worth taking the kids to see. Also gets 4 out of 5 judges’ gavels.

3. Video Rental: 127 Hours, starring James Franco. Though the movie is based on true and compelling events, I have to question how this was nominated for an Oscar. The story of an avid outdoorsman being stuck in a canyon by a boulder and cutting his arm off is fascinating, particularly since it is true. The problem with this movie becomes, “how do you cram a self amputation scene and 5 days of one person stuck in a canyon into 2 hours?” The answer is that you can’t without losing the audience’s attention. 1.5 out of 5 judges’ gavels.

The Plog & Stein movie reviews will get better as I venture into this aspect of our blog. Keep in mind, movies are just entertainment. If they keep your attention and get you to think a little bit, they have done their job. Every movie is not Star Wars or The English Patient (thank God), but most deserve a chance. Check out numbers 1 and 2, skip number 3.

See you next month.